Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Breaking the chains

The roads were dark,  the kid had no clue which way the home is, neither he was sure if home is where he wants to be, all he knew was that he choose this path,  All by himself,  and if to complain,  he has only the reflection visible in a mirror infront of him. He had his share of broken dreams, failed promises,  rejection in almost all the aspects possible,  yet decided not to give up,,,   a smaller part of the ride that he Rode all these years seemed like a lifetime..  He lost friends,  gained some,  he made parents proud, disappointed them as well,  he loved like there's no tomorrow,  and some tears were wept as he cheated,  he's not a man without guilt or flaws,  his flesh is as earthly as any other of the seven billion roaming around the planet. 

The roads were still dark..  He didn't know if the sunshine will burn him or guide him the way,  to find out he must keep riding,  to the place where the sun still shines.  He must understand that the four wall cabin that he thought of as his world was the blockage the stopped the ray of hope,  a new beginning,  sunshine to enter his little pathetic life.

He just started breaking the walls..  The bricks are falling apart...  A credit inr sms on the first of the month,  few lively facilities trying to hold him back,  but he must ride,  either he burn or he shines,  he must ride,  the other side of the wall awaits... The engine roar is getting louder,,  their is a red skyline flashing it's presence on the horizon,  he must ride, to live,  he must ride,  to lie down on grass wearing that sunshine Al over his body,  he must ride,  to show others that breaking that chain only takes one thing,  the ability of refusal,  refusal of giving up.... 

And he knew,  the darkness will be gone,  home is where that horizon is, And he kept riding..  He kept smiling..  As he knew,  he would make it to the horizon..

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