Saturday, 26 December 2015

02 Oct

So stop doing everything
And hear me out
Getting pretty old
So cant really shout

The story starts in such a dry day
For mohondas karamchand Gandhi
We drunkard buddies
Drank  fresh lime soda and acted gay

Later in the day when fifa was done
We tried to figure out
What is left where we can have fun

Ended up in a restaurant/bar
And we had to walk a lot
As none of us could afford a car

When ordered food
I suddenly sensed something is wrong
A marriage was going on by the side
And the bride was a beautiful bong

Suddenly the  sister of the bride saw me and ran
I remembered the bride was my girlfriend
And we had some not so cool together fun

We placed the order and the ex shows up
Says “ come have food at my wedding , its so delicious that will make you burp”

Buddy was all set as the menu was good
I thought if to avenge my misdeed
Did she poison my food??

Friends of the bride came to say hi
I knew they are about to do stuffs
That makes me wish if I could die

Finally the groom shook my hand
And said “ have heard a lot about you “
I was wondering if he was honest while talking
Or his asking had the sarcasm of a kind new

That was the day to remember
If not for anything
Must be for the fish finger

So that’s the story I had to tell
I was the cat who rang the dog’s bell
I hope you all have heard me out
Getting pretty old yet had to shout

To The Light

Walking down on the road ,
Tearing the darkness apart…
The path of lights led me to a new dawn
The black holes are done with their part..

I saw you then , I see you now
I felt you on my skin
The voice that echoed
Throughout my life
the tears I wiped
all those dark times
seems now all a sin

now that you’re gone
the haunting of your leftovers
seems fading away
the illusion of your love
that once meant so much to me
will no longer stay

yes I am walking down to a new road
with some rotten memories in my cart
The path of light is leading  me to a new dawn
The black holes are done with their part..


There are pages I turned
There are memories I burned
Of all the roads I crossed
And all my fortune those were tossed
I knew I had it coming
What is a life without a turning ?

Friend was the term once I knew
Indeed was stored for quite a few
It is said betrayal makes you strong
Still I ask myself ,
Is strength such a thing
That makes doing all you love wrong ??

They bullied me at the school..
Though I felt that
The girls around found it pretty cool

There was a girl I loved ,
But as life proceeds
Everyone made me clear
That she is the girl I never deserved

Passed school , graduated , even got a job
Still parents thought of me as good for nothing
And continued to sob

Married a girl I never have known
She probably deserved someone better
Hence when I expected love and cuddle
Disgust is what she has shown

One fine morning I got fired
As I do not meet my targets
They already had someone else hired

I packed my bags , tied up boots
Had a last look where I grew up
Took a deep breath
And left for the woods…

And there is something I always knew
There is some bit of “me” in every “you”
Follow your dreams , follow your heart
You need to be free more and less smart

As for me ,
I knew I had it coming
What is a life without a turning ?

A Loved One

it was way beyond love
what i had in heart for you
never was crazy for your smile
but your tears made me cry too

knew you had to leave
so made up my mind
i did let it go
but trust me ,
we were one of a kind

i am not bothered 
about with whom you'll end up
i'll just smile quietly
remembering those two straws and one cup

moving on was never tough
and it shouldn't be the case
once we knew
we tried to build our world together
and gave our best

keep walking do look back
and sometime return a smile

i'll be happy knowing that
it is someone's world right now
at least for a while.

The Unsung

In the stroke of midnight
i turn on the lights
a sudden void fills me in
dreams and hopes once i have seen
seems fading away from the sight

the guitar stares at me
and tells me i was wrong
when i had everything under the sun
life meant just few moments of fun
too proud to hear the echo of the distant word
and all six strings failed to give you a chord
and it remained a silent , unheard song

it was still the midnight
and i turn off the light
may the dawn will bring me the song
for which i craved
all these years long..

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Breaking the chains

The roads were dark,  the kid had no clue which way the home is, neither he was sure if home is where he wants to be, all he knew was that he choose this path,  All by himself,  and if to complain,  he has only the reflection visible in a mirror infront of him. He had his share of broken dreams, failed promises,  rejection in almost all the aspects possible,  yet decided not to give up,,,   a smaller part of the ride that he Rode all these years seemed like a lifetime..  He lost friends,  gained some,  he made parents proud, disappointed them as well,  he loved like there's no tomorrow,  and some tears were wept as he cheated,  he's not a man without guilt or flaws,  his flesh is as earthly as any other of the seven billion roaming around the planet. 

The roads were still dark..  He didn't know if the sunshine will burn him or guide him the way,  to find out he must keep riding,  to the place where the sun still shines.  He must understand that the four wall cabin that he thought of as his world was the blockage the stopped the ray of hope,  a new beginning,  sunshine to enter his little pathetic life.

He just started breaking the walls..  The bricks are falling apart...  A credit inr sms on the first of the month,  few lively facilities trying to hold him back,  but he must ride,  either he burn or he shines,  he must ride,  the other side of the wall awaits... The engine roar is getting louder,,  their is a red skyline flashing it's presence on the horizon,  he must ride, to live,  he must ride,  to lie down on grass wearing that sunshine Al over his body,  he must ride,  to show others that breaking that chain only takes one thing,  the ability of refusal,  refusal of giving up.... 

And he knew,  the darkness will be gone,  home is where that horizon is, And he kept riding..  He kept smiling..  As he knew,  he would make it to the horizon..

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

May Be

As soon  the whistle blew,  he looked at  the station clock. 11.45 it was.  She was still asleep due to the crocin 650. He thought is time to leave finally,  awake,  waiting for a text from her,  he boarded the train as it began to leave the city sher she was still in her dreamland, asleep. Billions of thought webs started spreading  themselves within his brain cells. He is not sure what it is,  neither he needed an assurance right away.  But,  when her presence or absence started affecting in some ways,  he thought, keeping aside everything he felt or might feel, he closed his eyes. The train started moving fast. The sunlight is not that bad., specially when it's glow claiming to be the most beautiful sight he witnessed in a long long time on the windswept green fields. There's a beautiful rhythm this locomotive engine's have.  One can actually sing along or contribute lyrics to that melody. There were this much things to think about and all he kept thinking was about her. Yet he doesn't know what it is, except for the fact that whatever this is,  it's amazingly beautiful in its own way. Her simple texts made him smile,  he still regrets the fact before his departure he was not blessed with a glimpse of her,  just to tell her looking into her eyes,  that for the coming fortnight while he would roam around the hills of munnar,  while the bird chirping from the woods of thekkady will amaze him,  while the glass water of kovalam will kiss his feet,  he'll miss her, he'll miss her while walking down the tea leafs covered path of the God's own country, while his earphones play air supply muttering " making love,  out of nothing at all".

The west started to turn reddish,  the dust of the dusk reminds him of her. With the fading lights of the apollo, his thoughts travelled far far away into the horizon, of all the rivers he crossed, the sound of the flowing streams reminded him of her.

May be it'll never see the lights of the day as he imagined, may she'll go far far away. But for the time being this probability is what kept him going,  and hope it will keep doing so....