Saturday, 26 December 2015

02 Oct

So stop doing everything
And hear me out
Getting pretty old
So cant really shout

The story starts in such a dry day
For mohondas karamchand Gandhi
We drunkard buddies
Drank  fresh lime soda and acted gay

Later in the day when fifa was done
We tried to figure out
What is left where we can have fun

Ended up in a restaurant/bar
And we had to walk a lot
As none of us could afford a car

When ordered food
I suddenly sensed something is wrong
A marriage was going on by the side
And the bride was a beautiful bong

Suddenly the  sister of the bride saw me and ran
I remembered the bride was my girlfriend
And we had some not so cool together fun

We placed the order and the ex shows up
Says “ come have food at my wedding , its so delicious that will make you burp”

Buddy was all set as the menu was good
I thought if to avenge my misdeed
Did she poison my food??

Friends of the bride came to say hi
I knew they are about to do stuffs
That makes me wish if I could die

Finally the groom shook my hand
And said “ have heard a lot about you “
I was wondering if he was honest while talking
Or his asking had the sarcasm of a kind new

That was the day to remember
If not for anything
Must be for the fish finger

So that’s the story I had to tell
I was the cat who rang the dog’s bell
I hope you all have heard me out
Getting pretty old yet had to shout

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