Saturday, 26 December 2015


There are pages I turned
There are memories I burned
Of all the roads I crossed
And all my fortune those were tossed
I knew I had it coming
What is a life without a turning ?

Friend was the term once I knew
Indeed was stored for quite a few
It is said betrayal makes you strong
Still I ask myself ,
Is strength such a thing
That makes doing all you love wrong ??

They bullied me at the school..
Though I felt that
The girls around found it pretty cool

There was a girl I loved ,
But as life proceeds
Everyone made me clear
That she is the girl I never deserved

Passed school , graduated , even got a job
Still parents thought of me as good for nothing
And continued to sob

Married a girl I never have known
She probably deserved someone better
Hence when I expected love and cuddle
Disgust is what she has shown

One fine morning I got fired
As I do not meet my targets
They already had someone else hired

I packed my bags , tied up boots
Had a last look where I grew up
Took a deep breath
And left for the woods…

And there is something I always knew
There is some bit of “me” in every “you”
Follow your dreams , follow your heart
You need to be free more and less smart

As for me ,
I knew I had it coming
What is a life without a turning ?

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