Wednesday, 28 October 2015

May Be

As soon  the whistle blew,  he looked at  the station clock. 11.45 it was.  She was still asleep due to the crocin 650. He thought is time to leave finally,  awake,  waiting for a text from her,  he boarded the train as it began to leave the city sher she was still in her dreamland, asleep. Billions of thought webs started spreading  themselves within his brain cells. He is not sure what it is,  neither he needed an assurance right away.  But,  when her presence or absence started affecting in some ways,  he thought, keeping aside everything he felt or might feel, he closed his eyes. The train started moving fast. The sunlight is not that bad., specially when it's glow claiming to be the most beautiful sight he witnessed in a long long time on the windswept green fields. There's a beautiful rhythm this locomotive engine's have.  One can actually sing along or contribute lyrics to that melody. There were this much things to think about and all he kept thinking was about her. Yet he doesn't know what it is, except for the fact that whatever this is,  it's amazingly beautiful in its own way. Her simple texts made him smile,  he still regrets the fact before his departure he was not blessed with a glimpse of her,  just to tell her looking into her eyes,  that for the coming fortnight while he would roam around the hills of munnar,  while the bird chirping from the woods of thekkady will amaze him,  while the glass water of kovalam will kiss his feet,  he'll miss her, he'll miss her while walking down the tea leafs covered path of the God's own country, while his earphones play air supply muttering " making love,  out of nothing at all".

The west started to turn reddish,  the dust of the dusk reminds him of her. With the fading lights of the apollo, his thoughts travelled far far away into the horizon, of all the rivers he crossed, the sound of the flowing streams reminded him of her.

May be it'll never see the lights of the day as he imagined, may she'll go far far away. But for the time being this probability is what kept him going,  and hope it will keep doing so....

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