Wednesday, 11 December 2013


The day  , was indeed a unique Day , and i am not talking about the 11.12.13 and all stuffs .it is unique because our country's establishment of supreme law and order has given a verdict that is unique in its own way.. firstly when i read the same on facebook , thought of this to be joke , a joke that is a product of very very poor sense of humor. but as the day progressed i understood it indeed is a joke..but the only difference is that we have to live with this joke now on wards.

the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community is a part of the world we live in. it's sad to see that the mentality that endures the acceptance of this community is something that is still not adopted by our supreme power holders (on books).it feels funny isn't it? the country that claims to have one of the largest democracy is the same country that decides for us about whom should we love and whom we shouldn't.

there are people trying to justify this verdict . i don't doubt their ability to understand the law and order, i just pity their failure of understanding humanity,love.

now our country is in such a state where we hardly find originality in any of the section

if Bollywood songs to be checked , the tune of each of them are somehow previously recorded in some distant countries , every movie consists of fight sequences copied from some foreign flick , this is the country that adopted the " live in " culture , this is the country where actresses gets naked without any screen demand , this is the country where kalamodi still enjoys his power when the whole bloody world is aware of his scams , this is the country where our so called govt declares that inr 20 is good enough for a man to survive for a month , i wonder why our supreme court doesn't issue a verdict against these unique creatures , and if they are to believe that this verdict is a symbol of originality then i piss on this originality that criminalizes and restricts one's feelings.

i wonder what will happen to those local gundas who used to bully the "gay" people on road, now after the verdict they are licensed to bully them , and the thing that scares me most is these whole affair is to get bloody.. the gays are likely to get beaten by these gundas after these verdict but they will not be punished as they were serving the nation by beating up criminals (read as gay) as per our highest authority

we are sending our astronauts to mars , we are doing the nuclear experiments every now and then and we just can't let two same gender human beings love each other??

in the first line of the post i mentioned this day to be a unique one , no its not , its a black day , black day in our country's. this can't be the end , change will come , it has to come , but from within us , otherwise we will remain a third world country till the doom's day

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